The afternoon I ranted on the Shawnigan Community Page

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Shawnigan is the most chill place I’ve lived and the people are amazing. Which is why I was dismayed to discover the community Facebook page was riddled with people complaining about trivial stuff. I chose to whip up a short article outlining what makes Shawnigan so precious to me.

Two days later and my story was viral; over 1200 likes and 300 shares which is saying something in a town of 4000. Apparently I touched a nerve. 🙂

Enjoy the first ‘My Brain on Work’ post below!

My Brain on Work – Entry #1

I was a Victoria kid. Seven years ago when I was looking to buy a home Shawnigan was outside of my radar. My realtor found a place he thought I’d love in the area so I figured, may as well check it out. I did the drive up the hat figuring if nothing else it would be a fun mini road trip. When I saw the house I was in love, but the commute to Victoria would be a killer.

After the showing I went for a walk to check out the area. I had never really spent time in Shawnigan. Crossing over the four-way stop I noticed a couple kids filling their clearly not street legal 2-strokes at the gas station which made me laugh. Reminded me of when I was a kid, but I didn’t realize people could get away with stuff like that anymore.

Next I walked down to the government warf. I still remember that sweet, sappy smell mixed with the lake water. I also remember the chill dudes having a couple beer on the beach. Is it still the 70’s up here or what? I was in love. I made an offer on the house and moved in the following month.

My first night, a week night, I awoke to some really bad CCR tribute band (sorry if this was you! ha) at around 3am cranking it out. I couldn’t believe no one had called the cops. I walked out to my deck cranky in my underwear and listened to that shitty band. Then my crankiness morphed in to joy. No one had called the cops! Nobody complained. It was 3am on a Tuesday and apparently this was fine. I crawled in to bed smiling, a pillow wrapped around my face, and fell asleep to some of the best shitty music I’ve heard.

I moved to Shawnigan because here people have room to live. I moved to Shawnigan because if I chance riding my dirt bike down the tracks to get to the quarry the people I pass smile and wave rather than frown and complain. I moved here because there’s enough space that if a wack of teens are drinking by the water I can just walk another 200meters down the beach and have my peace. I moved here because kids can fill up their dirt bikes at a gas station beside the police station without problems. I moved here because sometimes three tribute bands fight for airspace as the sounds merge in my yard. I moved here because the police focus on ugly crime rather than mildly excessive… happiness? That’s what Shawnigan means to me and I think that’s a damned special thing and worth defending. We are a true community. A place I want to raise my son.

Shawnigan – you are a gem. As you grow and new subdivisions are built up, hold tight to your chill, lake town vibe where we respect each other’s freedoms. It would be such a shame to watch my home turn in to a suburb of Victoria filled with finger wavers and know-betters. If you moved up here and want to change things please do us all a favour and go back to the city.

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